Osteria 166

Last week, a friend of mine had people in town for a visit and invited me out to dinner with them. I suggested that we try Osteria 166, an Italian “pub-style” restaurant that opened up in Downtown Buffalo last summer. By the end of the meal, we were really glad to have gone there: everyone was pleased with what they ordered, and we all felt that it was really well valued.

prochettaOur table of our four started off the meal with a round of drinks and two appetizers. We decided on the House Burrata & Charred Breads ($9) and the Stuffed Pepper Risotto Cakes ($8). The risotto cakes were quite good. Appearing as though they were giant mozzarella sticks, they were stuffed with rice, sausage, and herbs, and perfectly breaded and fried. The most memorable part of the dish was the accompanying pepper cream sauce. The roasted and sharply spicy flavor of the sauce completed each bite of risotto cake and frisée. The burrata, on the other hand, felt incomplete––merely average. It took some effort to get into the (not so) creamy ‘house-made’ ricotta center, and the “stewed tomatoes” tasted as though they were straight out of a can. The small jar of sea salt on the the table became absolutely necessary to bring out the flavors in the dish. On a more positive note, we all received a free glass of house (Frontera) wine due to checking in on Yelp––and for people trying to dine on a budget, free wine is never a bad thing.


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#EndlessApps at TGI Fridays

While the rest of Buffalo spent this past weekend devouring the (mostly) local food offered at the Taste of Buffalo, we decided to expand our horizons and try out TGI Fridays new “endless appetizers” promotion: a decision made after the commercial promoting it came on for a third time at Founding Fathers late last week. On Saturday night, we trekked down to Fridays’ downtown Buffalo location with our friend Thomas, who soon leaves to spend a half year in Argentina. After all, what better way to spend one of your last nights in Buffalo than a night out at Fridays complete with a midnight stroll along our city’s premier nightlife destination, Chippewa?



None of us were really sure what to expect when walking into Fridays, having not set foot in the restaurant chain in the last decade. At about 10:30pm, the restaurant was around one sixth full, surprisingly becoming more popular as the night went on. It seemed like the patrons consisted of either young adults preparing for a night out on the Chip Strip or probable tourist families having a late dinner before retiring to their downtown hotel. We were seated after a minute’s wait and immediately brought menus and ice water by our waitress, Stacey.


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The Bavarian Nut Company

Last summer, Megan and I were living on Elmwood in the apartment that houses the clothing boutique Atelier and that used to be the home of Can Can Candy (later Dandy Candy). Over the course of the last year, Can Can Candy moved out and was replaced by another boutique called Karl, which opened after we moved out and was closed by the time I returned home. Earlier this year, the Bavarian Nut Company moved in and has set up a shop selling bubble tea, macarons, and (of course) a variety of nuts. We stopped by on a recent weekday and really enjoyed what we tried––and hope that it stays open for more than a summer!

bubbleteaUpon walking in, we noticed that the shop is set up much more efficiently than its previous incarnations. The Bavarian Nut Company’s store makes good use of its small space, with a bubble tea counter toward the back, a macaron case beside that, a small counter with nut samples and gifts near the door, and two long wooden benches along the side of the store. It was organized and clean, and we enjoyed looking around at the other options while we waited for our teas. Similarly, the only employee who was working while we were there was extremely pleasant and helpful: she gave us ice water while we waited, talking a bit about the store and explaining the menu options we asked about.


interiorWe ordered two teas: a Taro Milk Tea and a Passion Fruit Fruit Tea (both $3.75). Each were handmade; the process took a little over 5 minutes altogether. While we waited for our teas to be made, we tasted some of the nuts being sampled––including hot and spicy almonds, glazed pecans, a mix with cinnamon, etc. The glazed pecans in particular made a lasting impression on me: they tasted like a condensed version of pecan pie.

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Ming Cafe

For our inaugural post of the summer, Megan and I picked a restaurant that seems to fly under the radar within the WNY food scene even though we’ve heard unanimously good things about it. We headed over on a recent weekday evening and ended up having a relaxed, enjoyable, and–more than anything–tasty meal.


When we arrived at around 7:30pm, the restaurant was almost completely empty: no one was there aside for one couple finishing their meal. Eventually, our server/waitress came into the dining room and told us to choose a seat. This encounter was indicative of the service throughout the night: exceedingly relaxed and informal––a bit more like a cafe than a full-fledged restaurant… which would make sense, given the name.

The interior design of Ming Cafe follows suit: it is pleasant and cozy. There aren’t any thrills, and if there were they wouldn’t be necessary. The restaurant is (amazingly) BYOB, and the same glasses given for water (which was never refilled) are to be used for wine. After we opened our own bottle of Malbec, we settled in and poured over the menu––taking our time.


As an appetizer, we ordered a plate of Pan-Fried Dumplings ($8). While the dish normally comes with 6 dumplings of one kind, we asked if we could get three tofu and spinach and three pork; this was not an issue. The dumplings arrived at the same relaxed pace, but they were worth the wait. They appeared to be homemade and carefully fried, with a thicker dough that usual. We really enjoyed the texture of them––crispy on the outside while thick enough to still be pillowy inside––as well as the fresh, tasty, and simple filling. They reminded us a bit of a Chinese pierogi (in a great way).


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Recent Purchases: Vintage Buys in NYC

One of my main goals as a fashion blogger in Buffalo is to find ways to connect the local fashion scene to the larger fashion scene in larger cities like New York. I was able to do this and discover more about the vintage fashion scene in the city when I went home this last weekend to visit family and such.

I bought 3 items when I went home this time: two items from Think Closet and one from a new store I discovered called Stella Dallas, both located in the Village. Quite frankly, I have been really frustrated with the current fashion scene. There just seems to be nothing new and no new ground breaking trends. I am sick of the “bohemian” look that has been popular for about two years now. I also haven’t been purchasing much this year because of not seeing anything new or interesting. As I started shopping in the city over the weekend I came across this problem in almost every store I went to. Eventually, I found myself in Think Closet (located at 159 Prince Street as well as many other locations). I have been to Think Closet many times before and always find something interesting and new there. It is one of the few stores in the Village that offers more unique designs for a palatable amount of money. This time I purchased a green floral dress with flutter sleeves and a white lace top with bright flowers on the bust area. The dress fits very well and is super flattering for only $90. The top I also love and was only $60. Before going to Think Closet one should just be aware that the store only carries a couple, if not only one, versions of an item and all are designed to fit a size small woman.


The next store I went to I have passed many times but never actually had the time to stop in. The store is called Stella Dallas and is located at 218 Thompson Street. It is a collection of 40s – 60s second hand vintage items. As you know, I love second hand stores and could not help but purchase something. I bought a pair of brown leather sandals with a leaf pattern design engraved in them. They were $50 and fit amazingly. And it makes me so much happier to know that I am walking in someone else’s shoes as someone wore them before me.


These two stores are great if you are looking for affordable vintage style clothing in the Village. And if you’re looking for similar fashions locally, Second Chic and Anna Grace would definitely be the Buffalo versions of the two (both of which can be found in the Elmwood Village).

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I think just about everyone is fed up with Buffalo’s instant fetishization of local FroYo by now, so let me end this on one final note: we all know they suck in varying degrees, one (or both) of them will close relatively soon, and I’m personally pissed a better frozen yogurt place didn’t pop up next door to my apartment.

emptyBased on the last two days’ depressing “research”, White Rabbit is somehow the worst of them all. I’m not sure what it was – maybe the dripping machines, the ridiculously icy and grainy yogurt, the boring-as-fuck flavors, or the irritatingly long and claustrophobic wait for FroYo, topping, and checkout. What a disappointment.

icyIf you still want to visit, knowing very well that you’re in for a pathetic experience, I have one suggestion: do what we did and bring a bottle of cheap, throat-burning vodka to douse over your creation*.


* Kidding?


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Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Ready to read the millionth hummus recipe on the Internet? Good.


I really shied away from posting this because it’s not too groundbreaking and actually pretty basic. But two important things are making me: 1.) I’m obsessed with hummus (ahem) & 2.) this really is the perfect conglomeration of brilliant parts of many different hummus recipes. Trust me – there is no better way to easily make homemade hummus with canned chickpeas than this recipe. The end result is Better Than Sabra (can I trademark that?): just as smooth, more natural in flavor, larger in quantity, and (much) cheaper in price. By the way, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor by getting your ingredients for hummus at a market like Guercio’s; for example, their tahini is about $9 cheaper than at places like Dash’s and equal in quality.


The things that make this hummus so great are extremely nuanced and can seem petty, but the few extra minutes of prep work pays dividends in the end, resulting in ethereally smooth hummus with addicting flavor. And with a great new technique I read in Cook’s Illustrated the other day, the process is simpler than ever. It’s worth this post, and it’s even more worth making yourself.

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