The Vintage Fashion Scene: Recent Purchases

Well, it has been quite some time since I’ve posted a fashion blog on this site, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been keeping my eye out for new trends and growth in the local as well as global fashion scene. Now that Matthew and I are living together in the Elmwood Village we thought it would be an appropriate time to bring the blog back.


First, I wanted to do a quick overview of some of my favorite recent purchases. I’ve recently purchased a pair of tie dye sneakers from Artists & Fleas, a spaghetti strapped, bow embezzled dress from ModCloth, and a maxi dress from Anna Grace. As you probably know from previous posts, I always enjoy taking a stroll over to Artists & Fleas (located in Williamsburg in Brooklyn) for new original and vintage pieces when I’m home. This time I went I purchased a pair of vintage, purple tie dyed “sneakers” (pictured above). They fit great, are 100% comfortable, and were quite affordable for only $25. Artists & Fleas has a really great way of incorporating local artists into their retail scene. Everything I’ve ever purchased from the flea market is always super unique, affordable, and helps the local business scene in Brooklyn.


My second purchase, the “Pinafore Your Thoughts” dress from ModCloth (pictured above), might in fact be one of my favorite purchases of the year. The dress is fully lined with an enclosed zipper and is composed of 100% polyester, lined with cotton. The dress is a striking burnt orange color and made adorable with a ruffled sleeve and bow centerpiece below the bust. The dress is perfect for basically any occasion as you could dress it up with tights, heels, and jewelry or down by just wearing the dress itself and sandals. Most importantly, it’s super cute and fun for the summer season.


Lastly, I bought an orange floral, maxi dress (pictured below) from Anna Grace for my Aunt’s wedding a couple weeks ago. I really enjoy shopping at Anna Grace as it is a local business in the Elmwood Village that does a great job of incorporating vintage designers from all around the world into their retail scene. I like to describe it as a ModCloth right across the street from me. That being said, the store does focus on selling mainly more expensive vintage buys, so I mainly only shop there for special occasions. The dress I bought for the wedding was perfect. It was fun, classy, and even a little sexy with a cut out back. It was a tad too long, but that can be altered in the future. Anna Grace is one of many great local clothing business that I love to support.


Check back soon for more updates on the local fashion scene (the expansion of Second Chic, the move for Lotions & Potions) and new trends for the summer season!

Credit to Brenda at Upstate Photographers for the above wedding photo!

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