I think just about everyone is fed up with Buffalo’s instant fetishization of local FroYo by now, so let me end this on one final note: we all know they suck in varying degrees, one (or both) of them will close relatively soon, and I’m personally pissed a better frozen yogurt place didn’t pop up next door to my apartment.

emptyBased on the last two days’ depressing “research”, White Rabbit is somehow the worst of them all. I’m not sure what it was – maybe the dripping machines, the ridiculously icy and grainy yogurt, the boring-as-fuck flavors, or the irritatingly long and claustrophobic wait for FroYo, topping, and checkout. What a disappointment.

icyIf you still want to visit, knowing very well that you’re in for a pathetic experience, I have one suggestion: do what we did and bring a bottle of cheap, throat-burning vodka to douse over your creation*.


* Kidding?


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