Recent Purchases: Vintage Buys in NYC

One of my main goals as a fashion blogger in Buffalo is to find ways to connect the local fashion scene to the larger fashion scene in larger cities like New York. I was able to do this and discover more about the vintage fashion scene in the city when I went home this last weekend to visit family and such.

I bought 3 items when I went home this time: two items from Think Closet and one from a new store I discovered called Stella Dallas, both located in the Village. Quite frankly, I have been really frustrated with the current fashion scene. There just seems to be nothing new and no new ground breaking trends. I am sick of the “bohemian” look that has been popular for about two years now. I also haven’t been purchasing much this year because of not seeing anything new or interesting. As I started shopping in the city over the weekend I came across this problem in almost every store I went to. Eventually, I found myself in Think Closet (located at 159 Prince Street as well as many other locations). I have been to Think Closet many times before and always find something interesting and new there. It is one of the few stores in the Village that offers more unique designs for a palatable amount of money. This time I purchased a green floral dress with flutter sleeves and a white lace top with bright flowers on the bust area. The dress fits very well and is super flattering for only $90. The top I also love and was only $60. Before going to Think Closet one should just be aware that the store only carries a couple, if not only one, versions of an item and all are designed to fit a size small woman.


The next store I went to I have passed many times but never actually had the time to stop in. The store is called Stella Dallas and is located at 218 Thompson Street. It is a collection of 40s – 60s second hand vintage items. As you know, I love second hand stores and could not help but purchase something. I bought a pair of brown leather sandals with a leaf pattern design engraved in them. They were $50 and fit amazingly. And it makes me so much happier to know that I am walking in someone else’s shoes as someone wore them before me.


These two stores are great if you are looking for affordable vintage style clothing in the Village. And if you’re looking for similar fashions locally, Second Chic and Anna Grace would definitely be the Buffalo versions of the two (both of which can be found in the Elmwood Village).

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