The Bavarian Nut Company

Last summer, Megan and I were living on Elmwood in the apartment that houses the clothing boutique Atelier and that used to be the home of Can Can Candy (later Dandy Candy). Over the course of the last year, Can Can Candy moved out and was replaced by another boutique called Karl, which opened after we moved out and was closed by the time I returned home. Earlier this year, the Bavarian Nut Company moved in and has set up a shop selling bubble tea, macarons, and (of course) a variety of nuts. We stopped by on a recent weekday and really enjoyed what we tried––and hope that it stays open for more than a summer!

bubbleteaUpon walking in, we noticed that the shop is set up much more efficiently than its previous incarnations. The Bavarian Nut Company’s store makes good use of its small space, with a bubble tea counter toward the back, a macaron case beside that, a small counter with nut samples and gifts near the door, and two long wooden benches along the side of the store. It was organized and clean, and we enjoyed looking around at the other options while we waited for our teas. Similarly, the only employee who was working while we were there was extremely pleasant and helpful: she gave us ice water while we waited, talking a bit about the store and explaining the menu options we asked about.


interiorWe ordered two teas: a Taro Milk Tea and a Passion Fruit Fruit Tea (both $3.75). Each were handmade; the process took a little over 5 minutes altogether. While we waited for our teas to be made, we tasted some of the nuts being sampled––including hot and spicy almonds, glazed pecans, a mix with cinnamon, etc. The glazed pecans in particular made a lasting impression on me: they tasted like a condensed version of pecan pie.

The bubble teas themselves were similarly impressive. The taro milk tea that I ordered was spot on: creamy yet light, just sweet enough for my taste (I don’t have much of a sweet tooth), and authentically flavored. Notably, the color of my tea was a pale lavender: not a fluorescent, too obviously artificially colored purple. I had been second guessing myself on my order (after overlooking the jasmine + green tea flavor, which I’ll be ordering next time), but was glad to have ordered what I did. Megan thoroughly enjoyed her passion fruit tea as well, describing it as crisp and refreshing: the perfect bubble tea for summer. And although it was a hot summer day, the table and two chairs outside the storefront are well-shaded and in a great location to sit and people watch.

macarons nutsWe absolutely plan on returning to the Bavarian Nut Company in the very near future to try more flavors of their bubble tea as well as the macarons. In the likely chance you find yourself in this most vibrant section of Elmwood soon, we think this is a great place to step in to escape from the heat and grab a treat––especially given the relatively subpar other dessert options in the immediate area.

The Bavarian Nut Company is located at 822 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14222.

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  1. Wow what a wonderful review! I will definitely have to stop by the next time I’m in Buffalo! : )

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