Neighborhood Finds


Some people forget that a great way to find vintage treasures is not only from visiting a consignment store, but also from going to local garage and estate sales. I recently visited an estate sale on Norwood in the the Elmwood Village and found some truly unique finds. I bought two items from the estate sale- one being a vintage 1960s maxi dress with a turtle neck and a great pattern (bottom photo), and the other being a mustard yellow cardigan labeled as “Grandpa’s favorite sweater” (middle photo). The dress fits me perfectly and is one of the most unique dresses I have personally ever seen. The sweater was also a great find even though it’s a men’s cardigan. It’s extremely comfortable and the perfect color for Fall.


Earlier in the summer I took a visit to my hometown and visited some really cool vintage boutiques in NYC as well as Brooklyn. Although we stopped in many different stores and markets, the only purchase I made was from the Williamsburg location of the Artists & Fleas Market. I bought a purple patterned jump suit with a simple belt on the stomach (top photo). The jumper fits great, has an interesting textile print, and was only $40. I can always find unique pieces at Artists & Fleas for a reasonable price in the Williamsburg area, while supporting local craft and clothing vendors simultaneously.


Check back soon to read about my work with textiles, as well as more vintage finds!

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