Meet Megan

Megan Luongo grew up under the influence of Manhattan with a particular love of the arts. She was a trained competition dancer for nearly 15 years and later pursued her interest in the fashion world. Since moving to Buffalo, Megan has been working in the local fashion industry and is a strong supporter of the local arts scene. As an owner of and writer for MCL Squared, Megan strives to teach Buffalonians where to purchase quality pieces at local stores while bringing trends and finds from larger cities back home. With a love to travel, Megan has experienced the different cultures of many different cities and countries. Megan is currently a junior at Buffalo State College and studies Textile and Fiber Design. As a Textile Design major, Megan specializes in designing and manipulating natural textiles in various ways either through the medium of dyeing or weaving. She also designs textiles digitally utilizing different applications such as NedGraphics, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Megan can be reached at or on Twitter @meganluongo. Also visit her etsy store:


cad work

fiber work

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